Drawing, illustrations, doodles and other pictural attempts.

Last lockdown sketch. See you at the next pandemic.

In the series "I found a treasure trove of lockdown drawings that I post when I'm in a hurry," here's a lockdown drawing that I'm posting because I'm in a hurry:

Another dead-end hobby of mine: generative art. I program in c with the Cairo library to make little drawings.

Instead of being glued to my phone, I drew some pictures (still that stoic experience I'll talk about):

It's becoming a tradition to post a containment drawing when I'm in a hurry.

It's becoming a habit: when I don't have time, I post an old drawing I did during lockdown. Except that this is also the subject. And it's not really a drawing. But hey.

Concept art for an animated short I finished writing a long time ago but never got around to it. The next step would have been to send the script to producers.

When I post old drawings, it means I'm busy. An other lockdown doodle made in memory of my trip to Scotland and of... Nope, I can't explain the giraffe. It's a mystery.

Let’s say that when I’m too busy, I’ll just post some old stuff. Like this drawing I made during lockdown. Not super cheerful but it went with the times: