Digital and film photography.

New York 2012 Film Photography

In an old chest, I found pictures taken in New York where I had invited my mother more than ten years ago. Back then, I used to do a lot of film photography and I used some of these for a small exhibition in a bar in Paris. (The pictures ended remaining there for several years.)

Here are some scans of negatives without any correction or filter. This is the strength of film and ektar film in particular: full and vibrant colors, a natural contrast that retains a strong dynamic. Nothing is ever completely burnt: even in skies and reflections, there is a bit of texture. Leica M6 with Summicron 35 and 50mm.

Seeing this, I feel like getting back to it.

New York - Maman traverse la 5ème avenue
Mom crossing 5th Avenue.
New York East side from Brooklyn Bridge
The East Side seen from the Brooklyn bridge.
New York unintentional mcdonald
Unintentionally, I made an ad for McDonald.
New York High Line
Small break on the famous High Line.
New York - jogging sur Peer 17
Running on Peer 17.
New York west side depuis Central Park
The West Side seen from the Reservoir in Central Park.

I used these photos to dress up the site until I find something better. Since I've found a trove, I might post some more soon.

Studio Test for "Film des Ponts"

Set-up day for a project that I produce and direct with ChezFilms for École des Ponts. Today, life-size test in the studio before shooting the interviews starting next week.

Film des ponts test interview studio
Chloë (gauche) sert de doublure lumière pendant que Paul (droite) fait son chef op.

This project started in November and will continue until summer. Updates soon.

A Walk in the Medina

Found these on my phone. They were taken a few days ago on another continent.

Les chiens Beldi font la sieste
Beldi dogs napping in pack.
Malgré mon nouveau système, me suis encore perdu dans les Souks
Despite my infallible system, I got lost in the Souks again.
Pause sur la terrasse de la Fnaque Berbère (sic)
Tea time on the terrasse of the "Fnaque berbère" (a French pun of sorts)