Digital and film photography.

Awakened my typewriter for a new adventure. Had to follow through on my threats and add the exclamation point by hand. Totally worth it.

After film photography and paper lists, we continue the regression towards Mad Men, which will be followed, hopefully

I also did some color (Ektar) but meh. I'm in my black and white phase with a heavy grain. Click on the photos to see them in full size.

I've been the proud owner of a Leica M6 for about fifteen years (remember?) that I had somewhat set aside recently. It's back in action.

That's completely unrelated, so I consider that I haven't broken my vow.

I use my phone's camera to take photos of my son or - as you know - far too many beach photos. Last night, I discovered the night mode feature, which is quite impressive.

I know but I can’t stop myself!

Yeah, sorry: I can't help myself. But every time, I'm amazed.

In an old chest, I found pictures taken in New York where I had invited my mother more than ten years ago.

Set-up day for a project that I produce and direct with ChezFilms for École des Ponts.

I've been conducting a "stoic experiment" for the past two days - I'll tell you about it - that took me in the evening to the Trouv

Digging around in the attic, I found these portraits of my ancestor Algar Ebenezer Boulengeman, a trapper on the Great Plains of Canada:

New rule: when I'm in a hurry, I'll post pictures from the last few days even if they're not inherently interesting. Trouville, as usual.

End of the weekend. I've got a little extra time, I'm heading back to Paris tomorrow morning.

Found these on my phone. They were taken a few days ago on another continent.