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As I'm getting back to publishing dialogues, I thought it was a shame to have lost the one that had performed the best back in the days of The ShitScri

A few years ago, I started writing some absurd-existential dialogues on a website I named (which no longer exists).

You film bats hanging upside down, flip the camera, and bam! Here we are on a Wednesday nigh in an 80s German nightclub:

At some point, I'll still have to get my fucking movies on my fucking website.

Because you see: I'm a director. So I make fucking movies.

It's becoming a habit: when I don't have time, I post an old drawing I did during lockdown. Except that this is also the subject. And it's not really a drawing. But hey.

Change the world, maybe not. But you'll stop bugging me.

1. No more "bon appétit" at every turn

At the table, with your family, with your friends: have a blast.

Distance walked this morning: 8.9km

Number of children dropped off at daycare: 1

Desire to work: 0

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Here's a great video by exurb1a, a youtuber that I (and a lot of people) follow:

Yes, it's a cliché, but I've recently experienced it in a very personal way.

I burst out laughing at this clip from the Netflix documentary The Mask by Olivier Bouchara and Jérôme Pierrat about the Gilbert Chikli phone sc