Seen on the net.

For English speakers, three articles I've read over several years about death described by healthcare professionals.

A thoughtful reflection on creation that I find incredibly well-crafted, mature, and sincere from a twenty-something who questions her drawing practice in the face of the world of social networks a

I discovered this person yesterday in this video. He's become my favorite human being. (I hope I don't find out he's a scoundrel... Doesn't look like one.

You film bats hanging upside down, flip the camera, and bam! Here we are on a Wednesday nigh in an 80s German nightclub:

Two videos watched several years apart, yet both left a similar lasting impression on me.

I've decided not to renew my subscription to the New York Times and New Yorker to see how it feels. Not to get stuck in my reading habits and discover new avenues.

A quick word on how I make my websites because my method is:

Here's a great video by exurb1a, a youtuber that I (and a lot of people) follow:

A few years ago, I started using electronic music to add sound to my films.

(Disclaimer: I listened to the podcast in english, wrote this post in french, then relied heavily on Google Translate to translate it back into english.