A few years ago, I started using electronic music to add sound to my films. I am the proud owner of a Prophet Rev 2 synthesizer, a Digitakt, and an Eventide Space pedal. I don't have time to play as much as I'd like but when I can, it's always fun times.

I'll share some music soon but meanwhile, here are 3 musicians I follow on Youtube and who helped navigate electronic music production.

First, Cuckoo.

He lives in Oslo, plays the piano and is known for his technical mastery. If you buy a new synth or a new effect pedal, chances are Cuckoo has made a 2 hour long tutorial on the subject where he explains everything from A to Z.

He is also a great musician who improvises a lot. His particularity: in addition to a gentle eccentricity, he shows his face with a mirror placed next to his instruments. Like in this video where he jams with a pocket operator:

Next, Ricky Tinez.

What struck me about Ricky at first was that he's...cool. In a good way: relaxed, calm, "chill". He lives in Los Angeles and travels for his DJ sets (House, Techno). In his videos, he creates music from scratch with sometimes unexpected gear.

I love how he shares his creative process without filter: hesitations, backtracking, but also some bold choices that he doesn't look back on:

Finally, Andrew Huang.

He might be the most famous of the bunch – although his desire to grow his brand can sometimes be felt in the choice of subjects and formats. You can tell that the view count matters. But he's a passionate multi-instrumentalist who can explain both musical concepts and technology. He provides great value for those who want to get better at making music.

He often invites other music producers for contests. It's always interesting to see how different creators tackle the same subject:

PS : I almost forgot Yuri Wong who makes music on OP1 from film dialogues! Check it out:

Electronic music by Midjourney