My life, my work, me.

During the "Nuit des Ponts" organized for the 25th anniversary of the Fondation des Ponts, 7 projects were pitched for an except

Once upon a time, I was crazy about 3D. I created this teaser using Maya and thought I'd make a whole short film.

Here's an image from my series Panic in Space!, which is currently in post-production:

A few years ago, I started writing some absurd-existential dialogues on a website I named (which no longer exists).

A small touch of the blues on the highway.

No reason. No illness. No new abyss in my life. Nothing to worry about more than usual.

I returned to Squat 59 Rivoli by chance.

Before, I used to joke that only my mom read this blog.

Recently, I got proof that not even she does.

Of course, you've been listening to this on repeat for years, while I, foolishly, have just been listening to the original – which is

You probably don't know this, but for over a year (or a little less, I haven't done the math), I've been writing a journal.

Swamped before the September screening of Version 1 of the film for the Ponts et Chaussées.

That's completely unrelated, so I consider that I haven't broken my vow.

Just reached page 100 of the novel I've been writing... oh... for fifteen years.

At the Franciscaines to work. I see there's an immersive installation starting in 5 minutes.

Against all expectations, creating life is easy, fast, and free:

Two pillars of Buddhism recently explored through the wonderful book "Seeing that Frees" by the late

We often forget the people who make our lives easier.

We dwell too long on those who cause us problems.

Yeah, sorry: I can't help myself. But every time, I'm amazed.

I've decided not to renew my subscription to the New York Times and New Yorker to see how it feels. Not to get stuck in my reading habits and discover new avenues.

Another dead-end hobby of mine: generative art. I program in c with the Cairo library to make little drawings.

Did you notice how the music from Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey makes everything seem strange? No? Well, I have:

Set-up day for a project that I produce and direct with ChezFilms for École des Ponts.

I had let myself go a bit so this weekend I planned to get back on track.

I've been conducting a "stoic experiment" for the past two days - I'll tell you about it - that took me in the evening to the Trouv