Web, apps, computer science, equipment...

I discovered this person yesterday in this video. He's become my favorite human being. (I hope I don't find out he's a scoundrel... Doesn't look like one.

At the Franciscaines to work. I see there's an immersive installation starting in 5 minutes.

Against all expectations, creating life is easy, fast, and free:

At some point, I'll still have to get my fucking movies on my fucking website.

Because you see: I'm a director. So I make fucking movies.

I spend so much time writing on my computer (novel, screenplay, journal, email, etc.) that I recently started practicing typing.

Those who have the eye will have noticed that a large part of my posts here are illustrated by images produced by an artificial intelligence, in this case Midjourn

Here's a great video by exurb1a, a youtuber that I (and a lot of people) follow:

Yes, it's a cliché, but I've recently experienced it in a very personal way.

This website will become my facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube all in one.