Eastern philosophies, wisdom, inner peace.

For English speakers, three articles I've read over several years about death described by healthcare professionals.

A small touch of the blues on the highway.

No reason. No illness. No new abyss in my life. Nothing to worry about more than usual.

I'm starting to think that only presence matters. That there's ultimately no such thing as a good or bad action, a good or bad decision: only good or bad reasons to act.

First, let me be clear: I'm not religious in the slightest.

Two pillars of Buddhism recently explored through the wonderful book "Seeing that Frees" by the late

In business, of course, it's a quality. We want it everywhere.

The challenge starts like this:

Don't think of elephants!

Bam! Too late. You lost.

I had let myself go a bit so this weekend I planned to get back on track.

I spend so much time writing on my computer (novel, screenplay, journal, email, etc.) that I recently started practicing typing.

Change the world, maybe not. But you'll stop bugging me.

1. No more "bon appétit" at every turn

At the table, with your family, with your friends: have a blast.

Didn't post anything this weekend and lots of work on my plate so I searched through my video impros from last year

There are certain external views that we have internalized.

Our habits are a boon and a curse.

Not so much resolutions as general principles that I've discovered and explored in the past years:

Two very bad reasons not to act.

And yet: the two main causes of our inaction.

I could tell you the history of how I started meditating and why it changed my life but we’ll do that another time.